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Web Marketing: Your Name in Search Results

You are the brand. Your name is important. Can people find you through Google search? Here are 3 ways to improve your search results.

1. Create a ZoomInfo business profile. It’s a professional directory.
2. Create a LinkedIn profile. It’s a business social network.
3. Create a biography on your Web site to link your name & company name.

Quick, easy & free. Create a bigger brand for your business. Note: Everything you place on the Web is public, so only share information you want made public.

-Christine Banning

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Leadership: Network Like a Pro

“I hate networking!” Get over it. Networking (be it actual or virtual) is the least expensive and most effective marketing tool for small business.

“But, I am too shy.” That’s actually best — shy people make great networkers since they spend most of their time listening.

Women love to talk and if you are sincere in listening to the focus of their companies and how they got into business, you are a big step closer to developing a client and a friend. We do business with people we know and love. By listening and using eye contact, you show you care about them and want to know more. After all, the point of networking meetings is to get to know people and build relationships.

What networking tips have you discovered?

-Betty Otte


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