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Marketing: Seven Webpages Most Small Business Owners Forget to Add

As you create or update your Website, make sure you have the right content that makes it easy for visitors to find everything they need. Below are some examples of pages to add that are often overlooked (or improperly done).

Media Room
Why it’s important – 80% of business is marketing and PR is a great way to get free publicity. The media room gives a journalist everything they need including your media history, sample articles, topics, high resolution photos, company news.

Why it’s overlooked – Small businesses often don’t realize the power of PR and how being mentioned in the media gives them credibility. You have a third party citing your expertise and you’re able to reach audiences you never would have otherwise.

How to create – You’d create it as you would any page, putting a link to it somewhere on the homepage. Check out my Media Room and use it as an example.

News Room
Why it’s important – The News Room is where companies should post news about the company. You’ll write media releases and post them (whether you distribute them or not). Some items are not newsworthy and wouldn’t pique a journalist’s interests, but having the information on the Website will give you an opportunity to use your keywords in articles. This will help your site show up in search engines and may give journalists ideas for stories. Here is a link to mine.

Why it’s overlooked and how to create – Same reasons given for the Media Room. more…

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Manage: What’s Your Profit?

Just found this great calculator on the Web Site for Fortune Small Business. Just plug in a couple of your key data points and get a quick snapshot of your profitablity.

Profitability Calculator

This is particulary good if you have a really small business & can just take the data you know to get a glimpse of where your business is today.

Take that info and fill up your prospecting pipeline and build more sales. Profits that look good today stay that way because you are building tomorrow’s sales right now.

-Christine Banning

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