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Employee Non-Compete Agreements

What if one of your employees quits, steals your customers and opens shop across town? It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare.

One way to protect yourself is to have new employees sign non-compete agreements. But to be enforceable, such agreements must balance the potential for unfair competition against an individual’s right to earn a living. That means they must be reasonable in scope and duration.

Let’s say you own an employment agency and serve a tri-state area. In that case it would unfair to prohibit someone from ever opening an employment agency anywhere in the United States – the geographic scope is too broad and the duration infinite. What’s fair and reasonable can vary from state to state, therefore check with your lawyer before adopting any non-compete agreement.

What if you have existing employees that you want to sign up? Some states require additional consideration beyond the promise of letting them keep their current jobs. Again, please check with your lawyer.

In California non-compete agreements are unenforceable as a matter of public policy. If you operate there your best bet is to use confidentiality agreements instead.

Go here for more information about legal literacy.

-Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, Guest Blogger
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Technology: Create Your Own TV Channel on Your Blog or Website

Video is hot and a great way to make your blog or Website sticky. Have you created your own TV channel yet?

I’d already created a TV channel on YouTube, but I wanted something different for my blog. I was looking for a service that offered a collection of videos with thumbnails much like the big news channels. I like free tools and found what I needed at

After you upload some videos, you’ll want to create a vidget (you’ll see Vidgets at the bottom of their homepage). The “reel” format provides the one I was looking for (clicking on any one of the thumbnails moves it to the big screen ready for play).

If you check Viddler out, let me know what you think.

Note: I also created a TV channel at because of its popularity.

-Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta
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