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Marketing: Pitching Products with Press Releases

Cake made using ZandaPanda bakeware

“How do I reach lifestyle journalists to pitch my ZandaPanda bakeware line? Do I use online press releases or track down individual journalists in my niche and pitch them in custom emails?” That’s the question Sandra raised in a comment on my blog post Online Press Releases: Intro, Video and Links.

Contact Journalists Both with Email and Calls

PR experts I know all agree that Sandra should both do a press release AND call journalists.

Michael Keaton, SCORE‘s national Director of PR and Communications, states: “If you’re offering a new product or service, I suggest you try a news release. It’s a cheap and often effective method of building local awareness and word-of-mouth about your business.” Then use personal contact, he urges. “Call the journalist directly, ask them for a few minutes of their time, and talk to them about your product. Writers at small and mid-size newspapers would probably be more apt to take time to talk to you about this.”

Gordon Mayer, Vice President of Community Media Workshop, responded to my question with a post entitled On Press Releases and Pitching. He observes that in drafting the press release, “you create a script for your phone call.” The reverse is also true, he claims. “If you put together a great release, you should also pick three or four journalists and deliver the message personally.”

What Should be In a Press Release for a Product like ZandaPanda Bakeware?


Is Trust Related to Relationship?

In many Asian cultures, the sales process is delayed until a relationship is developed. As Americans we like to get on with the deal and go on to the next. What is the hurry? Do we even know who we are dealing with much of the time? The period building the relationship is crucial for many reasons, but the most important one is TRUST. Trust builds integrity in our lives and in our business. The basic question is which is more important the relationship or the transaction? That is why women make such good networkers. We enjoy knowing our clients as our friends and our natural nurturing instinct helps us build the trust for not one sale, but multiple sales. Products don’t make the sale, people make the sale. Good for us, ladies. We have know this all along.

Been burned with a trust? So have we all, but what is your story?

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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