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Managing: Tax Tips 2008

Now’s the Time for Year-End Tax Planning

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal’s online site, and for bringing such current and valuable tax information to the Web. Find six favorite resources below:

1.Tax Center: New to Small Business
Get a start here. Learn about taxes.

2. WSJ How To Brace for Higher Taxes
Looking to the future. Get a sense of where taxes may be in 2009.

3. Smart Year-End Tax Moves
Own a business? This link will help you make those December tax decisions and act now.

4. Tax Filing for Freelancers
Are you a freelancer? If so, plan ahead for taxes and prepare to pay what you owe on Schedule C.

5. Most Overlooked Tax Deductions
Tax deductions you don’t want to miss. Tax deductions for 2008.

6. Deducting Charitable Gifts
Charitable giving is a wonderful way to support the community and causes you believe in. Plus, there is a tax deduction benefit. By the way, SCORE is a charitable organization. If you would like you can donate to SCORE. Learn about documenting a charitable donation deduction.

-Christine Banning, SCORE
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Legal: Staying Power of Trademarks

A 1964 floral poppy design trademarked by Finnish textile and clothing company Marimekko was the subject of a recent settlement between Marimekko and fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. Why? Dolce & Gabbana allegedly used a similar fabric print in its poppy dress design without Marimekko’s permission.

Unlike patents, trademarks do not expire if they are properly used. That makes them a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal. You can use distinctive words, phrases, or designs to put a picket fence around your marketing platform and keep competitors out. That’s what Marimekko does with its distinctive poppy print. That’s what the hamburger chain McDonald’s does with its Mc prefix for it menu items. That’s what Perrier does with its bottle design.

The law does not require the use of trademarks, but taking advantage of them is a smart way for entrepreneurs to leveraging intellectual property into an asset with licensing potential.

Go here for more information.

-Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, Guest Blogger
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