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HR: Sarah’s Sweet Success Secrets

I’m so excited to join you for December to share a few ideas of things we’ve implemented at sweetriot! At sweetriot we are creating a sweet movement to fix the world. We’ve started by sourcing our cacao directly in Latin America, using recyclable, reusable packaging which features emerging artists, and only using all-natural, healthy ingredients for our dark chocolate ‘peaces.’

Sarah @ sweetriot on the HR Committee

The foundation of sweetriot from the very beginning was to start first with 1) great products and 2) great people. The people part is the most difficult because we’re all human.

This past summer we created an HR committee. This was a monthly meeting between a colleague and I where we would check-in on any issues.

Have Regular Meetings
Monthly meetings have created a great structure for check-ins and making sure we are addressing any morale issues for the company. It’s sometimes tough to bring up issues, so a forum of some kind is paramount.

Name it Correctly
One night I woke up and thought to myself, we can’t call it an HR committee at a company like sweetriot! The term seemed formal, old school and had a negative connotation for me like we were meeting to look for negative issues. I could hear an evil booming deep voice in my head saying, “We’ll take that to the HR committee.” Our company’s logo is a thumbprint and thumbprints are the unique identifier of the world. Whew. That felt better, as in fact we were really just meeting to make sure that every unique human being was taken care of.

Success Secret
Everyone is unique and you have to weigh all ideas carefully when it comes to humans. Give the rioters a clear voice and mechanism for change.

Sarah Endline, Guest Blogger
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Technology: Get Found Online with Free Blog Tools – Part I
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Search engines love blogs and having one with great content is probably THE best way you can boost your search engine rankings (see a previous post with more ideas on how to get found online).

To make your blog more popular, take some time to explore the following enhancements (depending on your blogging platform, you may need a self-hosted blog in order to add code/scripts for more functionality. I wrote a previous post about this).

Make posts easy to share. Add a plug-in that automatically puts a set of icons at the bottom of each blog post. The icons represent communities such as Digg, StumbleUpon, etc., and with one click, a reader can share the entry. Three free technologies: Bookmarkify (, AddtoAny (, and AddThis (

Add related articles after each post. Use the plug-in, “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” that automatically adds related entries at the end of each post based on keywords. The entries show up on single posts only,

Create a blidget (a widget of your blog). At, you can create a blidget that lists your latest blog entries (much like an RSS feed but neater and cuter). Once you create your blidget and insert it into your blog or onto your Website, others can click to Get Widget and add it to their site or blog. Every time you write a new post, blidgets everywhere are automatically updated (check out this blog’s blidget and add it to your Website or blog).

These are just a few ways to improve your blog’s popularity, virability, and stickiness so stay tuned for Part II’s post coming up next week. In the meantime, if you have ideas to share, please leave a comment.

-Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta
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