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Time for Compulsory FUN!

j0399819This time of the year always reminds me of a physical education teacher I had. We had to put on our PE clothes and she would tell us to go outside for COMPULSORY FUN. It is the holiday season, but after the first flush of parties, I begin to wonder if I am having fun sharing yet another puff pastry with someone I see once a year or else with someone I see every day at work. That is when I have to push my thoughts to go beyond the party stage and to the outside sharing stage. By that I mean sharing with someone who can’t possibly return the favor. Good time of the year to give the gift of personal time and treasure to others in shelters, nursing homes, children in the social services homes, etc. The truly amazing thing is by giving we receive so much that sometimes it becomes an all year habit. Not a bad idea.

Real fun starts in the heart and goes to the brain. I tried it and it works. Have you?

Have a meaningful and joyful holiday season.

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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HR: Sarah’s Sweet Success Secrets
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Sarah @ sweetriot on Recognition

Once you have your thumbprints, take care of them! Fortune Small Business recently quoted a study that stated that 40% of individuals leave their jobs due to “lack of recognition.” If that stat isn’t compelling enough, let me just share my own experience.

Cash is King
Small businesses have very limited funds and cash is king. Turning to ‘hard recognition’ such as salary and bonuses on an ongoing basis is simply not possible. If you get into this habit, you could run the well dry. Instead, I set out very early on to truly value “soft recognition.”

Soft Recognition
Soft recognition means it is intangible; however, this type of recognition is powerful. The summer of 2005, before we launched, I asked my ‘rioters’ (employees) to help me name the recognition program while sitting in a Starbucks. We chose ‘shazam’ and from there on out, I gave shazams at weekly meetings and over email too. Today, everyone gives shazams and it creates a constant energy of positive reinforcement on a daily basis at the firm.

Success Secret
You can imagine in today’s environment, positive energy is priceless. Recognize early and recognize often.

Sarah Endline, Guest Blogger
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