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Blogging: Why blog?

j0397412So, here it is the first day of Hanuka and 3 days away from Christmas. Makes me wonder if anyone is out there until after the 1st of the year. For you one or two brave souls still reading this, I thought we’d talk about blogging. Not so much how to do it, but why do it. Blogging makes you think about who is your audience. Is impossible to contact everyone and when looking for on line associations, takes time and effort to determine exactly who you want to reach. This is a real benefit in any marketing venture and business blogging is by its nature a very effective marketing tool.

After you know who the reader is, need to carefully consider how to reach her. Again, another important marketing tool. What sites do the reader follow and how often? What kind of information is she looking for and how does that relate to your product or service. Now that you know all about her, how can you get her involved? Only 1-2% of blog readers respond so how can you make your content and design so interesting that she wants to comment. Isn’t enough to capture her attention, but need to get her involved insuring her return.

So, why blog? Yes, you want to reach your future clients, but, as important, blogging forces insight into demographics and the lifestyle preferences. In short, helps you know your market. Who is your client? What is your market? Important information for any marketing plan. Do you blog? If so, why are you not blogging me back? Happy holidays.

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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Success: Expert Advice

robert_kiyosakiIf you subscribe to SCORE ExpertANSWERS then you saw that Robert Kiyosaki was this month’s featured guest. As author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, Kiyosaki has become successful by helping entrepreneurs achieve their financial dreams. Here’s a sample from the interview.

Why is it important to have mentors like SCORE particularly in turbulent times?
My “Rich Dad” told me long ago, “If you’re the smartest person on your team, then your team is in trouble.” That’s why I have my team of advisors. I count on them to bring a variety of talent and experience to the table whenever we look at a business venture. By surrounding yourself with a good team, you can directly affect the outcome of your future financial success.

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