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Dream: Your Life’s Time Line

j0430489I’d like you to get a roll of that brown wrapping paper and starting at one end of your largest room roll it totally across the floor. One end is your birth and one end is your death. Since we know your age at birth, that is a good place to start. With a marker pen start at the beginning of your life and move across the paper noting all the significant events in your life. Do them all – the good and bad Odds are very strong that the good will outweigh the bad. and the kind people you remember will outnumber the cruel.

When you come to your life where you are at now you will probably be about 1/3 across the paper – if more, just add paper and double back. Now think ahead. What will happen next year, 5 years from now, 10 years from now? In reality you are writing your life’s time line or script. Take your time as this is pretty important stuff. Maybe the line can’t all be done in one day. No problem, as you have the whole roll of paper ahead of you.

Visualize your dreams, but put them into a reality paper time line. You will be surprised how easy it comes to you and how life will unfold as you project. The new year is a good time to do this project and should replace the resolutions that get broken. I like this idea better as I probably will never lose those 7 pounds I resolve to lose each year anyway. What do you have to gain in your future. If you live to be 100 (which is not out of the question if you are faithful about taking your vitamins) how will you spend the time? Let me know what you think of the system and if this works for you. Make yourself a very happy 2009!

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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Finance: Sarah’s Sweet Success Secrets

Sarah @ sweetriot on Raising Rioting Capital

Raising money is never fun and you’ve probably heard other entrepreneurs discuss it. I have two experiences to share.

Ask Broadly
When I first started to raise money, a fellow entrepreneur said to me, “The ones you think will say yes, will say no. The ones you think will say no, will say yes.“ That advice stays with me still today because it was so insightful. Indeed you cannot always predict who will say yes to your capital request. This makes it even more important to ask broadly, which brings me to my second point.

Don’t be Afraid
As a Midwestern public school girl from a small town, raising money was not my forte nor was a pleasant experience. I finally had to get myself to the point of realizing that I was offering an ‘opportunity’ rather than trying to take something away from people. High net worth individuals and business people love discussing opportunities so go for it!

Success Secret
Belief in yourself and just ask…EVERYONE.

Sarah Endline, Guest Blogger
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