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Start: Starting Your Biz in an Economic Crisis

Yes, we are living in a turbulent economic climate. However, it’s during times like these that true entrepreneurs flourish.

Follow these tips to help your biz thrive.

Businesswoman Home Office1. Do your research. Find out what industries and market sectors have continued to thrive during the recession. Focus on a specific niche, things that people will always need or items that will make their lives easier during these difficult times. Then create a sound plan for success.
2. Use free resources. Nowadays, you can find just about anything for free, including mentoring. Take advantage of it all. Before shelling out money for anything, do a quick Web search to make sure it isn’t available for free somewhere else.
3. Watch your money. If you have to actually pay for items, find out where you can get them cheap. Web sites such as Amazon, Craig’s List and Deal News are excellent resources for finding office supplies and furniture. Buy the things you use often in bulk, such as paper. Above all, be creative and find ways to reduce your budget. Then, stick to it.
4. Hire contractors. With the massive layoffs and rising unemployment, there are thousands of experienced professionals who are willing to freelance at discount rates. Rather than hire employees, use contractors and save.
5. Get a mentor. An experienced professional can help you think through your approach, as well as provide fresh ideas and solid advice. Getting a second opinion or new perspective is always advantageous.

-Jacalyn Barnes, SCORE
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Success: Tip 2 – What Happens When Someone Google’s You?
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Let’s face it, we’ve all done things we’d prefer to keep private — from embarrassing 6th grade photos of your “awkward stage”, to that crazy weekend that really should NOT be documented. You know, what I mean, the kind of stuff you want to take to the grave with you.

The Internet offers many amazing opportunities, but the reality is, it can also take them away. Have you ever tried to Google yourself? You should! It’s not just a vanity thing. Today, investigating yourself online is what we like to call an ONLINE AUDIT.

Think about this. You’re in the process of just launching or building your career. Maybe you’re in your own business, or the officer of an organization. Maybe you’re in the midst of pitching yourself as an applicant against a sea of others eager for the same opportunity. When you’re looking to learn more about someone, you look for them online, right? Well, so do most people!

What do others find when they search for you? more…