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Web Marketing: What Advanced Google Analytics Tells a Marketer, and Questions to Ask Next


In a recent post, I talked about how a marketer can use basic Google Analytics data. Now I’m going to focus on some advanced slicing and dicing to help you better understand the behavior of your site’s viewers and customers using advanced features of Google Analytics.

Marketers can learn how many users take what steps towards goals (conversion tracking); what documents they download and links they use (event tracking); and what groups of users visit certain pages or take specific actions (segmentation analysis.)

Marketers can set a goal by specifying the various pages a visitor has to click through to reach that goal. For example, a workshop signup goal might have these steps: workshop page, workshop description page, signup page, credit card page, and “thank you” landing page. This series of pages is called the funnel.

To set up a goal, go to your Aanalytics settings page, the page that lists the websites on which you have Analytics running. The column on the far right of the Website Profiles table is called Actions. Click Edit there to set up a new goal. Scroll down under Profile Settings, below Main Website Profile, to the section on Conversion Goals and Funnel. Add up to 4 goals there. To get the most use out of goals, use them in conjunction with Google Adwords campaigns.

Stats to focus on: goal abandonment and goal conversion rate
Questions to ask yourself: On what pages are customers abandoning the funnel, and what changes can you make in those pages to encourage them to take the next step? How many potential customers who click over from a Google ad actually complete the purchase? Is this number increasing or decreasing from earlier periods, and why? What can you change to increase it?


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example of funnel and goal setup for an online store



Small Business Week: Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success & Chart Your Course

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