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Marketing: LinkedIn & Lovin’ It

Making the Most of LinkedIn

Get good Google search results. Create a LinkedIn profile.  Basic business info and professional info about you.

Invite colleagues to your network. That’s really the first step of interacting online. What you will discover is that your biz contacts post updates & you will too. Post updates on a new blog posts, book you published, new product launch, etc.

Because thse are people in your network, the weekly email with everyone’s one line updates is actually interesting & useful. You can also get recommendations for your business & give recommendations.

Join a group. Try an alumni group from your college, our own SCORE Linked In group with mentors, or a specialty small business group. Like minded people are posting articles, posing questions and engaging in a dialogue. You can view the info or engage in the conversation. Just remember everything you say is public not private.

My LinkedIn Favorites
- Get recommendations for specific jobs/businesses. Shows a history of success.
- Posting a regular update to share business news with colleagues.
- Joining a group that adds current knowledge on biz topics.

What’s your LinkedIn success? Favorite feature?
Next week’s post: Privacy in a Web World.

Christine Banning, SCORE
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Strategic Commenting for Visibility in Your Niche, Brand Building and Website Traffic

Sample comments

My New Year’s resolution is to start commenting on selected blogs and contributing to relevant online forums. Why? To build our niche visibility, promote the SCORE brand and increase traffic on SCORE Chicago’s website and blogs.

Commenting  gets you involved in conversations, expands contacts in your niche and brings traffic back to your blogs and sites. In Case Study: Power of a Blog Comment, learn how Jesse Heap of Pink Cake Box left a comment on the Small Business Search Marketing blog, which lead to Pink Cake being featured on a magazine cover.  Similarly, blogger Marko Saric posted a comment on ZenHabits, a blog with over 79,000 RSS subscribers. This one comment brought him 230+ unique visitors in less than 6 days.

Here’s what I’ve learned from a web search on commenting do’s and don’ts:

Commenting Do’s