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Event: Blogging Bootcamp with DIY SEO and PR

Blogging Bootcamp

Create a self-hosted WordPress blog, implement search engine optimization techniques, and start getting free publiSCORE Counselors to America's Small Businesscity that attracts the media and new business to you like a magnet!

SCORE Atlanta presents a full-day workshop that’s hands-on with your laptop. Learn from experts how to build a professionally-designed, self-hosted WordPress blog from scratch and optimize it (and your Web site) for search engines. You’ll also learn how to use other no- to low-cost tips and strategies for getting found online, including social media.

Dates & Time

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Again On
Friday, July 17, 2009

More Dates Will Be Added

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Help Desk

AGL Resources, Inc.
Ten Peachtree Place, 2nd Floor Training Room
Atlanta GA 30309 (Midtown Atlanta)

Easy pre-work (e.g., register a domain) is required for this training and full details are on the official Website,

Who Should Attend?
The workshop is designed for small business owners, non-profits, virtual assistants, and anyone else who needs to build an online presence and get found. You must be computer savvy.

Your Trainers
Part I. Peggy Duncan will teach you how she started her blog from scratch, maintains it with fresh content, and what she does to keep her top position in Google’s organic search results. She is a personal productivity expert and author of six books on organization, time management, and technology tips, tricks, and strategies. Peggy travels internationally helping busy people spend less time working but get more done. She is an award-winning blogger, and her technology blog was recently selected the Top Business Blog by Fast Pitch!

Part II. JB Brathwaite will teach you how to build a professional WordPress blog from scratch and enhance it with some of the most popular plug-ins that will increase its functionality. He is an Internet strategist, WordPress blogging expert, and Peggy’s teacher. He’ll work with you to build your self-hosted blog from scratch or will take what you already have to another level with more functionality.

Get Details and Register Here TODAY!
Space is Limited


AGL Resources, Inc.

Peggy Duncan, SCORE Atlanta
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I'm a productivity and technology speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. I own The Digital Breakthroughs Institute in Atlanta GA.


Work/Life Balance: Managing Working Mommy Guilt

All women who have kids and work outside of the home have guilt. Period. This is not an opinion or an assumption. It is a reality. Something happens to you when you give birth and you forever feel that responsibility and that tie to your child. So when you go to work, and leave that child behind, there is an incredible amount of guilt that goes with it. Even if you have no choice and must work, and maybe more so if you have a choice.

I think the hardest thing to reconcile is the personal need and personal self-worth that that women get at work vs. the need to provide for your children every moment of everyday. At this point in our society, not only is it ok to be a dad and a working man, but it is the expected path. Somehow though, many people still feel that women should be home with the children and that going to work is somehow putting kids second.

So how do you reconcile it? How do you get beyond the “Mommy Guilt” and feel good & proud of your choices? I wish that I had all the answers, but I don’t. At the very least, I can share what has worked for me:



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