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Marketing: Privacy in a Web World

Be Proactive to Manage Your Web Image

There are professional business sites for networking such as LinkedIn and Naymz. A good busines profile site ZoomInfo. These help your name show in Google search results. And, everything you type is public.

Rules to Live By
Be positive. Be professional. Be courteous. Be careful how much detail you share. Beware, Web search results live forever or seem to.

Looking to manage some Google results you don’t like, check out this witty and helpful article. From The Wall Street Journal, “It’s Me (As Seen on Google)” by Julia Angwin.

Christine Banning, SCORE
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Customer Service: How Will They Know I am Smiling?

Hi, to anyone out there who might remember me. I was a SCORE blogger from June through December 2008. I missed you all so much that they are letting me be a guest blogger for March.

Anyway, I called a local business the other day and was really sorry I woke the woman up. I called to make an appointment and later when I went to the location, I could see she wasn’t a happy camper. What I used to do was hang a mirror by every phone and ask anyone that answers the phone to look at themselves in the mirror and smile while answering. My premise was that if they knew they were smiling the person on the other end would know it also.

The process feels a bit strange at first, but try it — it really works. Answering the phone is the first contact your clients and customers have with you and your business. Take that extra step to make them glad they called. Question, though, how do you control the answering of cell phones? Do they help or hinder the smile and voice?

What do you think? Leave your comment below.

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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