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Life Balance: Follow Your Small Business Passion

yoga_red_life-balanceTo achieve wellness, life balance and business success, you have to know what you really want. In our society, we are told from a very young age what we are supposed to want–our own inner voice is muted by the relentless messages from people and the media that tell us what to desire. To be happy, healthy and successful you need to be connected with your own life mission.

Take the time to quiet the outside voices.
Journal, meditate, spend time in nature and listen for that internal wisdom and longing that has been there all along. Reflect on what makes you truly happy and content, what quiets down the nattering “should, ought tos, and musts” that bombard you from every direction. Determine your life purpose; explore what your life means to you.

Use your mission to guide you to the work and life balance, which will help you attain what you most value. When you are working toward your life purpose you are motivated, energized and able to deal with the inevitable obstacles we all encounter in life. You will be persuasive and inspirational since you will be speaking and operating from your heart. Be alert to the feedback you are getting and adjust if needed. And most importantly I’ve learned – What’s inside of each of us is powerful enough to help us achieve anything we want.

Marilyn Tam, Guest Blogger
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Business Law: Essential Legal Information for Small Business Owners

For Legal Issues, Always Hire an Expert.

2_men_window_small2In the long run it takes an attorney less time to research the issue as they deal with these issues daily. If you do not know a lawyer who specializes in the legal issue you need help with contact the local Bar Association for a referral. In most cases you will get a free hour of consultation so that you can determine if the lawyer can help you and if you have a comfort level.

  • Always interview more than one lawyer for any case.
  • Always get a price for services in advance and always cap legal fees if possible.
  •  Never pay a retainer unless absolutely necessary.
  • If possible get legal services on a contingency basis.

Always know that if the lawyer wins or loses he/she gets paid. Each situation is different do your homework and understand all the options that you have.

Wishing you business success!

Julie Brander - Business Mentor, SCORE New Haven
Julie has been a SCORE volunteer since 1997. She has 20 years of experience in business, starting a manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewelry company. After selling her business, she dedicated herself to helping other entrepreneurs start and expand their business. | @juliebrander | More from Julie


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