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Small Business: Questions to Ask

Here are 5 Key Questions. The Answers Can Help You Succeed.

In business & looking for answers? Entrepreneurs like you have been asking me what should I ask my SCORE mentor–I’m trying to figure my way out of this recession.

1. From your review of my financials, do you see any trouble spots?

2. Where could I trim costs by 5-10 percent?

3. What advice to you have about how I manage my credit line?

4. What do you suggest for adjusting projections, since last year dipped and this year we are in a deeper recession?

5. In your experience, what are the 3-5 things I should be doing to really help my business weather the recession.



These questions spark dialogue. They are specific enough to get you tangible answers to aid your business. You can meet a mentor in person, click here to Find a SCORE office.

Or, you can ask questions 24/7 with Ask SCORE online.
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Christine Banning, SCORE
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Customer Service: Do Your Customers Know You Laugh?

j04003551I tell my SCORE clients to have fun with their businesses.  When my business career started (don’t ask how long ago that was!), we as business women wore navy suits with red silk scarves and all tried to be little men.  Life was very serious and not much fun.  Then I began to realize the person in the navy suit and red silk scarf wasn’t me and I didn’t like her.  So, I still wore the navy suit (money was tight), but changed to colored blouses sans the red silk scarf.

Funny thing happened.

I began to lighten up, have fun, laugh and business picked up.  My customers began to see me as a personality and they liked what they saw.  I noticed that when I laughed and smiled, they laughed and smiled.  We always talk about how important networking is in building our business, but I think we forget to talk about the fun involved in building those relationships. If you are not having fun with your business maybe you are taking yourself too seriously and chances are your customer relationships are not as strong as they could be. We like to be around  people that make us feel good – how do your customers perceive you?  Are you fun to do business with?  Are they glad to see you?  Let me know your thoughts.

-Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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