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Success: Your Happiness Filter

The Value of a Positive Attitude

Sunflower and SkyThe other day I was reading an article about ridding yourself of the negative voices in your head. We have all read such articles — “I don’t deserve this or that,” “I’ll never be as pretty as my friend” and other such self defacing thoughts. I had many sales women on my sales team who came on as, what I called, shooting stars. They sold everything in sight only to drop from the heavens a month or so later. This being an example of “I don’t deserve to be successful, rich, good….” Pick your poison.

Then shortly after reading the article I was talking to a woman at SCORE who’s company was going through bad times. We went through the standard routine of cutting back payables, collecting receivables, etc. but I noticed she was doing this with a very positive attitude. I was a bit surprised as many clients we now see at SCORE are very serious and worried. I asked how she was able to go through this difficult time for her company and maintain her positive attitude. Her answer: “I have a Happiness Filter which filters out negative thoughts.” Never thought of negative thoughts being blocked by a Happiness Filter and loved the concept. Was she being unrealistic and a bit Pollyannaish? I don’t think so as she had a good handle on what needed to be done, but she used her Happiness Filter to keep her moral and productivity up. Seemed like a great idea to me. Do any of you have a Happiness Filter? I’m working on keeping mine in 24 hour operation. No more bad dreams day or night for me!

How is your Happiness Filter doing?

Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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Contest: Are You the Best Young Entrepreneur?

Nominate Yourself Today

beautiful businesswomanBusinessWeek presents the fifth annual “Best U.S. Entrepreneurs 25 and Under” contest. The goal is to identify companies that both demonstrate a clear potential for growth and establish the talent of the young folks behind them.

The 25 best companies will be featured on the Small Business Channel on October 9 and viewers will be able to vote for their favorite. The top five most voted companies will be announced November 9. All company co-founders must be 25 or under to qualify for. Nominate yourself today.

Entry Deadline: August 16, 2009

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