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Web Marketing: Customer Power of Social Media

Companies Can No Longer Hide from Digital Media


With the power of social media in this Web 2.0 world, your business can’t run and hide.  It’s got to deliver or apologize and make good.

You have probably seen or read about the video of cable company repair guy caught sleeping at a customer’s house, or how Twitter and YouTube are upsetting elections in Iran.  Here’s yet another example of the power of customers using social media.

SCORE Chicago counselor and DePaul marketing prof Hank Rodkin gave me a head’s up on a small band that was flying on United.  They looked out the window before takeoff to see their guitars being thrown around and broken by the luggage handlers.  Click the arrow to play the above video, and hear the story in song.

And the story, as reported by CNN:

customer power with social media

“This is a case study”, Hank says, “on how viral videos and the digital age have changed the marketplace.  And why it’s critical for service businesses to follow through with service.”

Many SCORE counselors, including those at SCORE Chicago, understand social media and can help you market your business online.

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