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Start-up: Are You Really Ready?
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excited_girlAre you wondering if you’re really ready to start your own business and be your own boss? SCORE can help. Check out these tips, tools and resources that help you set the right course.

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Leadership: Stop Worrying and Take the Right Risks

Turn Risk into Opportunity

iStock_000004295280XSmallClose your eyes and picture a risk. Is the picture in your mind’s eye a danger or an opportunity? Few of us realize that risk is not necessarily something bad, and in fact can lead to something wonderful. Another common misconception about risk is that it is all or nothing. Either you can control all of the outcomes of a decision or you can control none of them.

For budding entrepreneurs or early-stage enterprise leaders, this misconception can be paralyzing. Yet the most effective leaders are those that embrace risk and manage it towards the most positive outcome.

In truth, the knowledge and control you have over the factors included in risk are always on a spectrum. Especially in these times of economic upheaval, the degree to which you can know and control all that is knowable and controllable depends on the tools you have available at the time of decision making. And the knowledge you have will never be complete because no one, you included:

  • Knows the future except in hindsight.
  • Can ever know everything because everything and anything is subject to change without notice.
  • Has enough time to identify and evaluate all options and choices.



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