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Succeed: Entrepreneurial Success Tips

6 Tips for Success

Passion: If you don’t love what you do then you need to seriously think about doing something else. Work never feels like work if you love your job.

People: Surround yourself with bright, energetic, optimistic people. Choose people who can get things done. Never work with anyone who causes you stress.

Planning: Always update your plan. Be aware of all aspects of your business and respond to the changes in your customer needs, the market and the finances.

Persistence: Continue to work your plan and never give up. Be open to change. If one thing doesn’t work try something else.

Personal well being: It is important to take a break, a day or two off and revitalize yourself so that you can mentally get back into the focus of the business.

Profits: You are in business to make a profit. Staying on top of the business and being aware of where the profits are. Know who your best customers are and nurture those relationships so that your company will continue to grow and be profitable.

Please share other success tips that have worked for you.

Julie Brander - Business Mentor, SCORE New Haven
Julie has been a SCORE volunteer since 1997. She has 20 years of experience in business, starting a manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewelry company. After selling her business, she dedicated herself to helping other entrepreneurs start and expand their business. | @juliebrander | More from Julie


Start: Are You Ready to Start a Business?

Get Ready, Get Set, Plan Ahead…Then Go

When starting your own business there is a lot to consider. Start now by: gathering information, assessing your readiness, and planning ahead.  SCORE provides you with several resources to help you with your business start-up: 

•  Free start-up workbook and mentor meeting
•  Take our quiz: Will Your Business Turn a Profit?
•  Ask a Mentor: Get answers to your start-up questions

Let us know how these resources help your start-up.

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