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Human Resources: Small Business Employees are Important

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Your Employees.

florist_red_flowers1. Employees can drive and build the company, always empower them and pay them well.  Hire leaders that can create synergy in the company.  People that are creative, innovative and have skills that you do not have.

2. Employees with prior experience and expertise will always be more productive and add value to the business.  Productivity is essential to the success of any business.

3. When an employee is no longer productive and stops performing at peak level, never hesitate to replace them.  The next hire will be much better and you will learn how essential training is.

4. Motivate employees with incentives as much as possible.

5. Praise, Praise and give more praise…it costs nothing to do and makes people feel good.

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Marketing: Small Business Trends and Stats

Knowledge is Power. What Do You Know About the Power of Small Business?

Economists are saying we are turning the corner on the recession. That’s good news. Now, how can you learn from the reactions of other entrepreneurs over the past six months?

See what entrepreneurs think about the economy in NFIB polls. Try the Small Business Research Board. These can help you gauge small biz sentiment. Think about how it fits with what you see locally.

Small Business trends affect you. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce covers a wide range of issues and may offer some current info and insights helpful to your business.

Yes, census data is dry information. But, it you are trying to see the concentration of business by industry to decide where you should locate this may help. A SCORE mentor can talk with you about how to apply census data to your own market planning. Meet a mentor in person. Find SCORE near you.

Small Business Fact Sheet
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