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Marketing: Just Pick Up the Phone and Call

iStock_000002773290XSmallMake the Connection.

Email, Blogs and social media are great. Quick info and a sense of connection.

But, when was the last time you actually talked to your 10 best customers?

The recession is easing, but the economy is still in a state of flux. Do your clients have a personal connection with you?

Set aside a day and call your top clients to find out how they are doing. No rush. No pitch. Just get feedback.

Real relationships and trust take time. The investment in picking up the phone to call can reveal emerging client needs, bring feedback on your services and can build loyalty–because you show that the client is important to you as the business owner.

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Marketing: Reach Women Prospects in Social Networks

Women and Social Networking

Women predominate in many social networking websites. That’s what Brian Solis’ stats say and this graphic from InformationIsBeautiful shows.

Graphic credit: InformationIsBeautiful

Graphic credit: InformationIsBeautiful

Why More Women?

Those commenting on the Mashable post Women Rule the Social Web speculate as to why:

  • Whether being moms or running home-based businesses, women are at home more and have a greater need to socialize, one says. Others doubt this because there is more computer access in workplaces.
  • Women have less free time than men. Thus they use less time-consuming methods of socializing, such as social networking and social media.
  • Women talk and communicate more than men offline as well as online.
  • Women are more comfortable relating, men more comfortable doing.
  • Women generally type faster?

The comments also contain questions about the stats themselves (duplicate accounts? active accounts?) and demographic effects (ages, incomes.)

Several readers are skeptical of the quality of some womens’–probably younger womens’–interactions.  “It doesn’t surprise me that women rule the social web. The majority of their time is spent twittering celebrities and uploading drunken photos and stalking ex-boyfriends on Facebook.” Despite this comment, and with other evidence that that those of all ages are using social networks, your current and future women customers will be found there.

Reaching Women Prospects

Regardless of the reasons, the overall message is clear:  if your small business wants to reach women in the future, you and your marketers will need to get good at social networking and social media marketing.

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