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Marketing: Back 2 Basics Tips

Marketing Self-Assessment

Tips on A Napkin

Who would have thought that the basics are still viable today, as it was years ago? Do a self-assessment and see where you stand in these back to basics tips.

A. Create An Informal Business & Marketing Plan, 1-3 Pages Each, As A Blue Print For Your Company

B. Marketing Business Basics:
1. Exercise A Professional Phone & Email Presence
- Let Your Smile Radiate Through The Phone
- Return Calls & Emails Within 24 Hours
- Develop A Brief Company Identity On Your Voicemail
- Use Proper Grammar, Especially On Emails

2. Exercise Professional Work Ethics
- Be The Employer, Not The Employee

3. Customer Service
- Service Your Customer: Internally & Externally
- Not Only Listen, But Hear Your Customers’ Needs

4. Networking
- Build Relationships
- Create Partnerships

5. Word of Mouth Travels Fast And Far more…


Marketing: Social Media

Tap the Power of Twitter to Search for Business Intelligence and Prospects

Learn to tap the power of Twitter search around your brand or business to gain insights on your market and to identify prospects.

This is the first of a three-part Twitter research tutorial, in pictures. I’ve created screen shots that relate to my nonprofit, SCORE Chicago, to use as examples.  SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business,” offers free business counseling and inexpensive business workshops to entrepreneurs and small business owners. One of our most important keyword phases is “business plan Chicago.”

Twitter Search

To learn who it talking about business plans near Chicago, I can run a search. I might use the Advanced Search Form or search query terms Twitter specifies. Here’s my search for tweets with our main keyword in the Chicago area:

Business plan tweets near Chicago on Twitter



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