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Life Balance: Enhance Your Life

5 Ways to Improve Your Daily Life

As we spend more time at work and continue to feel the pressures of how to cope with daily stresses consider these tips that can improve your life.

  1. Do something for someone else.  It can be rewarding and nurturing others can reduce stress.
  2. Meditate: it only takes 10 minutes, sit comfortably, relax and focus on your breath with your eyes closed and your hands facing up on your lap
  3. Spend quality time with others
  4. Move more…exercise has been shown to elevate moods
  5. Change your way of thinking…”how we think affects how we feel” Interrupt negative thoughts and replace them with constructive positive thoughts.

Please share things you have done to enhance your daily life.

Julie Brander - Business Mentor, SCORE New Haven
Julie has been a SCORE volunteer since 1997. She has 20 years of experience in business, starting a manufacturing, wholesale and retail jewelry company. After selling her business, she dedicated herself to helping other entrepreneurs start and expand their business. | @juliebrander | More from Julie


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Christine Banning, SCORE
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