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SEO: Do’s & Don’ts to Boost Web Traffic

Web Tips for Your Business

Your web site is an intregal part of your small business. There are many things you can do to increase the number of people that visit your site. One key strategy is optimizing your site so that it will appear on the first few pages of a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO). Below are a few SEO do’s and don’ts. Click on the articles below to view more information on each topic.

Search Engine Optimization Do’s

From, “Marketing Your Business on Search Engines.”

  • Use the right keywords: Knowing the terms customers use when
    they search is the starting point for any SEO effort.
  • Put keywords in the right places: Your site is full of hotspots that
    search engines check regularly for keywords. Make sure they
    show up in context in headlines, subheads and the body text of
    your pages.
  • Keep keywords in context: Integrate keywords as naturally as possible into your copy. A simple list of keywords won’t work–they have to be in context.
  • Keep your content fresh: Frequently updated, relevant content
    can have a positive impact on your site ranking.
  • Build links: Reputable, relevant sites.

Search Engine Optimization Don’ts

From, “SEO Tricks: What Not to Do.

  • Cloaking: This refers to code changes that indicate one thing to search engines, but provide totally different content to users. Even if your business is legitimate, this can get you banned.
  • Keyword stuffing and hiding copy: Don’t stuff your site full of irrelevant keywords–the search engines catch on fast if copy isn’t written in natural language or if totally unrelated keywords are used.
  • Using a competitor’s name:
    Don’t overload your site with the names of major companies or competitors in order to divert some of their traffic to your site.
  • Snaking content: It’s never a good idea to “borrow” text or copy from another site. Not only does this often violate copyright laws, it will also get you kicked out of search engine rankings.

What SEO tips have you found that work well for your business?

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Women: The Male Business Perspective

Two Points of View


Recently, I was talking with a male entrepreneur whose company markets to women business owners. He had some insights about how women entrepreneurs operate that had me nodding in recognition.

First, women take time to build relationships. Second, we love to gather tons of information before making a decision. And third, we rarely buy without getting input from other women first. All these ways of operating made sense to me, but as we talked, I also began to see their downsides.

Relying on recommendations can lead you to buy something that’s great for your friend, but not so good for you. Gathering data is smart, but it’s easy to gather so much that you get overwhelmed. And building relationships is important, but sometimes you can’t afford to “take it slow.”

I left our meeting with a new appreciation of how important a male perspective can be. Next time you’re pondering a decision or stuck in a situation, consider getting some input from men. Whether it’s your significant other, a business colleague or a key employee, most likely, a man will have a completely different perspective on the issue–and you’ll gain a new insight that can get you over your hurdle.

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