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Customer Service: New Ways of Earning Business
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Perfect Your Customer Service

InterviewThis is a new era for business. The future will prove which trends will hold and which will fall by the wayside as no longer relevant. As with all economic transitions, a recession is painful, but these things go in cycles and are necessary. As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, having a long-term strategic plan is critical to business growth and sustainability. But even in the wake of the worst economic implosion we’ve seen in modern American history, there will be certain practices and principals that hold as both tried and most importantly true.

Excellent and authentic customer service is one of them. Women are uniquely positioned to emerge as a leading demographic based on our natural tendency to approach business from all angles. Our business strategy begins with the desire to help first and to make a profit second. We are fulfilled knowing we’re positively impacting our environment and people’s lives. That can only be done with a desire to take “good care” of our customers –the type of customer service that leads to loyalty and evangelism.



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