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Web: How to Use Social Media

Is it Right for My Business?

Some of the biggest issues that we find on the subject of Social Media is “What is it?”  “How important is it to me in my business?”

People today think of the term Social Media as the tools of Twitter and Facebook as differentiated from thinking of it in terms as a new way of communicating.  In essence, however, it really isn’t that different from what we did before, we are just using different tools and the method is faster and more personal.

All of this “new stuff” has been caused by the age of the computer and its new generation of offshoots – iPhones and BlackBerrys — which have arrived in our pockets and have permanently changed our world and the way we communicate.

Our customers and clients today – no matter our business – demand and expect a personal, instant response to requests, complaints, observations, returns and questions.  The younger the person – the less time they are willing to wait for a response.

So how important is this new personal way of communicating?  It is imperative that a business learn how to use the tools of social media and integrate them into their already existing systems.  Email, Twitter, your website – they must all work together – and function within your advertising, your print material and your radio or TV spots.  Hand in glove is the rule, and if it is not – then your business will not receive the benefit.

And what is the benefit?  Greater retention – a bigger customer base – greater cash flow – a bigger bottom line – steady growth – all of the foregoing can be achieved with a good, sound social media program that is placed within a company and integrated into its systems.

Maryanne Weiss, SCORE Guest Blogger
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