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Leadership: Public Speaking Disasters

Mistakes Happen to the Best of Us

iStock_000005795644XSmallI’m pretty good in front of a group and don’t have trouble responding to spontaneous questions because I pride myself on being prepared – following all we are taught to do – build rapport with the audience, display enthusiasm, know what you want to say and practice practice practice.  BUT (and there always is a BUT), at an awards show I was not given the names of the recipients until on stage. Names  of folks from countries I had never heard of  in a language that, I was told was English, but I had serious doubts. I did my best, but still looked pretty illiterate.  What to do when you are faced with an audience that expects polish and poise and all you can do is smile and babble. I guess you smile and do your best.

The important point is that it happens to the best of us and all we can do is realize the world didn’t come to an end. Yes, many folks find public speaking difficult, but audiences are forgiving and with practice a little confidence soon builds into strong confidence. I have been in front of many audiences since then, but the memory of that event keeps me humble and when I am tempted not to practice, it brings on instant motivation. The big lesson I learned was not to be too hard on myself — and don’t do awards shows without knowing the names of the recipients!

What are your public speaking nightmare stories?  I know you have some.  We ALL have some.

Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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Web: Social Media Commandments
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The Ten Commandments of Social Media

Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible, is an Ambassador with Greater Phoenix SCORE.  His book is the number two best seller on Amazon and number 15, as I write this, in the nation.

Lon has a published list of Ten Commandments of Social Media:

1.  Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy).

2.  Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere).

3.  Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them).

4.  Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can find).

5.  Thou Shalt Podcast (often).

6.  Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately).

7.  Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs).

8.  Thou Shalt Get Connected (with everyone).

9.  Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (30 minutes per week).

10.Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively)!

How does one do all of these things?  Do you have to be an excellent writer, composer of verse, thinker out of the ordinary, a brainiac, or an expert on a multiple list of subjects?  Actually, none of the foregoing.  All you have to do is to have enough confidence in yourself to start and just do it.  You will find as you do, that most people are just like you –   and you will find your niche.  Then when you find that niche, you will then have to start finding out what will make you stand out in that niche.

As Lon tells us all of the time, “You can’t win, if you aren’t in the game.”

Maryanne Weiss, SCORE Guest Blogger
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