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Contest: Does Your Biz Need a Makeover?

Avaya’s Small Biz Communications Makeover


Want to win a communications makeover and new IP office system? Then, enter Avaya’s Small Business Communications Makeover Contest. Submit a short video or written entry online. The topic should be about communications “disconnects” that cost your businesses pain, time and money.

Avaya will be visiting 20 small businesses—organizations with 10 to 50 employees—and giving them FREE communications makeovers. They’ll help design and install solutions specially tailored to each company’s specific needs.

Click here to enter the contest.
Deadline is October 15, 2009.

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Start: From Home to Business Zone

Working from Home and Making it Work

Many entrepreneurs dream of the flexibility that having one’s own business can provide. Working from home—all the time or occasionally—is often part of that dream. The reality is that it takes planning and realistic expectations to successfully work from home.

You need an adequate work area. A dedicated area—a spare bedroom—is ideal. Make sure there’s good light and space to store work supplies within reach.

Working from home is a family decision. It’s helpful to train children and pets to stay away if possible while work is in progress and to keep hands off work projects.

If you’re a freelancer, consultant, or engaged in other work that’s solitary and quiet, you probably have no concerns about town or city rules on operating a business from home. But if you have employees or your business entails noise or odors, check to see whether it’s legal to operate in a home office. If you live in a community or cooperative apartment, review your homeowner’s association rules on working from home.

To avoid isolation, make sure your work incorporates regular meetings, luncheons and appointments with people on the outside. Joining network local groups not only provides this type of outlet but can also help you market your business. more…