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Finance: Reality Check

Words of Wisdom from Reality Check Author Guy Kawasaki

GKawasakiDon’t go it alone. Venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki says this of entrepreneurs, “Generally, entrepreneurs, especially first-time ones, think that the idea is the hard part and implementation is the easy part. Generally, that’s exactly backwards, and SCORE can help them implement their brilliant ideas.”Ask SCORE online.

Quick Resource List
1.Find out the best ways to finance your business.
2. Download the comprehensive guide to growth financing.
3. Check out blog posts by financial guru, Jean Chatzky.
4. Take a quick online financial workshop.
5. To set up your accounting system and your finance plan, ask a SCORE mentor.

Read Kawasaki’s exclusive tips to a good pitch. Then, meet a mentor in your community who knows the local economic and lending environment.

Christine Banning, SCORE
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Spotlight: Volunteer Success

SCORE Honors Maryanne Weiss

Maryanne WeissMaryanne Weiss is a business mentor with SCORE and chair of the Phoenix SCORE chapter. She was recently name “Woman of the Year” by the Women’s Financial Group of the National Bank of Arizona. She has also been given the Carnation Award for Community Service and was made an honorary lifetime citizen of Orange County, California.

In her professional life, Weiss is a licensed general contractor. She was a partner at DIXCO, an award winning construction company in Los Angeles, CA. She then founded Gustare Limited, a business consulting firm in Phoenix, AZ where she is the company president. Weiss is also an adjunct lecturer at Arizona State University. Her specialities in business are real estate, mortgage financing, marketing, and strategic planning. In her spare time, Weiss is also very active in the community. She is an dvisory board member with the Arizona State Board of Business and was also a guest blogger with the SCORE Women’s Success Blog.

SCORE would like to congratulate Maryanne Weiss on her many achievements and than her for her dedication to supporting entrepreneurship.

SCORE Association, SCORE
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