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Mentoring: Benefit from Experience

SCORE CEO Featured

SCORE CEO, Ken Yancey, was recently featured on the American Express OPEN for Small Business blog. His advice, get a mentor. Now is a great time. Here’s an excerpt from the post.

With the American Express OPEN Government Contracting Procurement & Networking Event approaching on March 31st, I wanted to talk with one of OPEN’s partners, SCORE, on what business owners should be doing to help move their businesses forward. Ken Yancey, CEO of SCORE, told me, “Now is a great time to find a mentor, whether it’s through SCORE or through your own circle or community. There are so many experienced entrepreneurs who have faced the same issues as you, so why not benefit from what they’ve learned?”

Read the full article. And, find out how SCORE plans to help one million small businesses by 2017.

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For 50 years, SCORE has helped aspiring and current small business owners achieve their dreams. Through a network of over 11,000 volunteer business mentors in 340+ chapters across the country, SCORE connects decades of business experience and knowledge with those who can best use it. | Facebook | @SCOREmentors | More from SCORE


Start: Best Time to Live Your Dreams

Use the Economy to Your Advantage

Remember being a kid and thinking you could be anything you wanted as a grown up? The only limitation was our imaginations! Guess what, you still can! It’s not too late. This economy is the perfect time to step back and evaluate career choices. The timing for starting a business has never been better. You will be poised for the inevitable upturn. Prices are lower than they’ve ever been. People are open to bartering. Labor is less expensive. The tax advantages alone make it financially rewarding.

I’ve been around the business block a time or two. I have won big and I’ve taken some licks along the way.  I’m a battle scarred entrepreneur ready to share the realities of what happens when someone is brave enough to step out of comfort zones. Each of us can achieve our dreams if we are willing to take a risk and play big!

Joyce Bone, SCORE Guest Blogger
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