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Success: Attributes of the Top 1%

How to Think Like a Winner

I recently read a very interesting blog post by  Steve Pohlit. Steve is a CPA, holds an MBA and has been the CFO of several major domestic and international companies. In his post, he writes about how the mentality of the top 1% directly impacts their success. Here’s an excerpt from his post.

The Top 1% (one percent)  is not a  measurement and comparison of wealth or ability.  The Top 1% is a mindset.  The mindset  that you can and will achieve the goals you set for yourself.  This mindset includes a bias for action. Action taken to follow a clear roadmap. Clear goals, a bias for action and a Top 1%  mindset will result in you experiencing  success way  beyond what the general population or “the herd” can even imagine.

The idea of the Top 1%  is primarily discussed in reference to the development of business revenue and profits. If you pay attention to the Top 1%, you will see a balance in the areas health and relationships.  It may seem obvious, but if your health fails  monetary success is meaningless. Valuable  business coaching and self development programs  provide  guidance on balance.

Steve makes two important points in this post.
1) The top 1% believe they the can and will succeed.
2) This optimistic outlook predisposes them towards action-oriented behaviors.
3) They learn how to balance this desire for achievement with the need to maintain personal health and develop strong relationships.

What does this mean for you?
1) Clearly define and focus on your goals. Then, believe that you can achieve them.
2) Make a plan and take the necessary steps to reach your goals.
3) Avoid burnout by maintaining a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

What do you think about Steve’s observations? What qualities have you observed in successful entrepreneurs? Share your thoughts below.

Jacalyn Barnes, SCORE
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Start: Power of Positive Thinking

Believe in Your Success

A fundamental of becoming a successful entrepreneur is gaining control over thoughts. Our thoughts are truly the only thing we own. Thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to results. Where you’re at today is a direct result of the thoughts and actions of the past. Are you pleased with the outcome?

Consider changing the focus of what’s associated with pain and pleasure. Instead of, “It will take hard work to be financially free.” Think, “The time I invest now growing my business will pay off exponentially!” Or, consider what will happen if you don’t start a business?”

Be sure to visualize and feel the emotions of achieving desired goals as if they have already been reached. Every anxiety has an empowering opposite thought. All it takes is a little mental reframing. It’s not a lack of resources that hold us back it’s a lack of resourcefulness.

Joyce Bone, SCORE Guest Blogger
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