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Technology: Phone Etiquette

The Cell Phone Dilemma

One of the biggest problems this new decade will have to address is the cell phone dependency.  This is the way to occupy your time when you are alone but rude when you are in the company of others.   The one on one connection with people has taken a back seat to the self indulgence of all that can be done with phones today; games, email, texting, searching the web, looking at pictures, facebook, twitter, music and more.    This growing global dependency on cell phones seems to be getting worse as everywhere you go you see people on their phones.   People are more distracted with all the capabilities smart phones offer.  Not only does everyone have a cell phone but everyone is looking at it, typing on it or listening to it with ear phones.  How do you manage this dependency? It has become a full time job for many people who use their phones to manage their business and their life on it.

Consider the proper cell phone etiquette when with business associates, friends and family:

  1. Never check email, text or talk on your cell phone when you are with people who expect your undivided attention.  Turn off or silence the phone.
  2. If you are expecting important information excuse yourself and look at your messages privately.
  3. Put your phone away when you are in public places.

Our cell phones have caused accidents and deaths and new laws and legislation have been put in place to prohibit the use of talking on cell phones and texting while driving.   As hard as it is to break away consider the appropriate times to use your cell phone. Consider finding the proper balance between our technology and interpersonal connection.   Please share other ideas on how to deter the cell phone dependency?

Julie Brander - Business Mentor, SCORE New Haven
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Event: Government Contracting & Networking

American Express OPEN® Government Contracting Procurement & Networking Event

Designed for small business owners new to government contracting as well as those currently doing business with the government, this day-long event will feature engaging discussions and workshop breakout sessions. The featured keynote speakers are:

 Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke
Yvette D. Clarke
US Congresswoman
Congresswoman Clarke’s Bio
 Susan Sobbott, President, American Express OPEN
Susan Sobbott
President, American Express OPEN
Susan Sobbott’s Bio

This multi-track conference offers:
Novice Track – For business professionals new to government contracting, this track will focus on the basics of government contracting as well as how to develop the fundamentals necessary to succeed in the government contracting arena.
Advanced Track – For business professionals who are currently engaged in government contract work, this track will offer expert insight and advice on how to maximize business opportunities through advanced tactics, including business teaming and better leveraging of the GSA Schedule.
Small Business Counseling – Receive expert advice from seasoned business professionals who have experienced success in government contracting at a SCORE Roundtable Coaching event.

Date: Wednesday, March 31 2010
Time: 09:30 AM – 02:30 PM Eastern
Location: Grand Hyatt New York, New York City, NY

A $695 value, this event is FREE to all American Express OPEN Cardmembers and partner affiliates (including SCORE clients).  If you are not an American Express Cardmember or partner affiliate, please contact us at (703) 506-3270 to register. 

Please note that space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.
Learn more. Register now!

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