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Growing: Inspiration, Don’t Leave Home Without It

Successful Entrepreneurs Give Inspriation to New Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel bogged down in routine, and not particularly inspired, especially if you’re an entrepreneur serves as salesperson, marketer, bill collector, bookkeeper, cleaning staff and CEO. And yet, inspiration offers something no entrepreneur should be without–emotional support that helps through tough times.

Where’s a great place to look for inspiration? Often it’s in the fascinating stories of (surprise, surprise!) other entrepreneurs. Two examples I found were in interviews with real estate advice guru and ABC’s Shark Tank reality show star, Barbara Corcoran and Pamela Mitchell, Founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute.

Pamela Mitchell of The Reinvention Institute helps professionals find ways to transform themselves career-wise, no matter the state of the economy (recession or not). The real inspiration comes from knowing that Mitchell reinvented her own career successfully three times! And she did it by understanding that the “ability to reinvent your career at any moment is the new and only form of job security.” That ability comes from being able to transfer your skills in completely different directions, in different industries and careers. For the entrepreneur, this means understanding that the name of the game is adaptability.

In Barbara Corcoran’s case, the inspiration is from her personal story that reads like…a story. Consider this: more…


Networking: What a Handshake Says About You

Be Firm & Make a Good Impression

A hand shake is the first thing you do when seeing someone you know or when meeting someone for the first time.  This simple gesture can go a long way in establishing a new relationship or reinforce an existing relationship.

A study done at the University of Alabama studied men’s and women’s handshakes and found that a firmer handshake scored higher on likeable traits, such as open-mindedness and intelligence than those with a limp handshake.  Plus in a University of Iowa study, female job applicants with a strong handshake were more likely to be offered a position.    When shaking someone’s hand grasp the hand completely apply medium pressure and hold it for a few seconds, make eye contact and smile, for a more friendly hand shake put your hand on top of the other person’s hand.  A handshake is a way of connecting with someone, say their name if you are meeting them for the first time or greet a person with their name and say, “it is very nice to see you”.   A handshake is a nice way to acknowledge people.

Always go out of your way to give someone a warm firm handshake whenever you can.  In today’s business world it is essential for both men and woman, as a good handshake can show self confidence and genuine interest in meeting the other person.

Betty Otte, SCORE Orange County
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