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Sales: Avoid the Hard Sell!

Is there anything worse than being pushed too hard by a salesperson?

Before Mother’s Day my daughters and I went shopping in a tea store in a nearby mall. But instead of entering the Zen-like atmosphere one would expect, it was if we had walked into the boiler room of Earl Grey.

No, that sampler is not good enough, the $100 one is what you want! That tea you just chose will “spoil” in 10 days if you don’t buy this $40 tin to put it in! Buy more, buy now!

It was a strange experience, and yes, we left without purchasing a thing. But plenty of others remained.

It’s easy to see why a manager would push hard sell tactics on his or her staff: It’s easy and can get short-term results. But in actuality it is a very shortsighted strategy. Consider all of the downsides to the hard sell:

Poorer quality sales: When you force someone into buying something they may not really want, what you are really doing is setting the business up for failure. What often happens is that later, when the pressure is off and customers consider the interaction and the products they purchased, they decide that they do not really want or like the product.

They will return it. It’s a fake sale.

Disgruntled customers: Customers who get products or services crammed down their throat don’t usually stay customers for long. Feeling used and abused, they rightfully take their money elsewhere. more…

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Success: Creating Her Own Identity

And She’s Helping Other Women Do the Same

Susan Vernicek

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing several young and successful entrepreneurs for an article for One of them I was truly struck by was Susan Vernicek, 29. Vernicek is the founder of Identity Magazine, an online magazine that empowers women to “Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.” ™

“My two driving forces in life from a young age have been to run my own business and to have a positive influence on others,” says Vernicek. She studied fine arts, graphic design and photography in college. Her first job out of school brought her face-to-face with the forces that drive women to criticize and compare themselves to others. Seeking an alternative to the vapid articles about diet fads, fashion trends, and celebrity gossip she found in other women’s magazines, Vernicek envisioned Identity as a positive place to turn for the information, inspiration, and support that help women embrace their inner selves and achieve their potential.

I asked Vernicek more about her business startup and she shared some of what she’s learned. more…

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