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Marketing: Social Media Webinar Series

Live Webinars with Jeanne Rossomme

Join marketing expert, Jeanne Rossomme, for a live webinar this Thursday. She will share her insights to help you increase profits and grow your biz. Register today.

About Jeanne Rossomme
Jeanne Rossomme creates practical marketing roadmaps to help business owners arrive at their growth goals. Jeanne is a recognized national speaker on marketing and sales best practices and conducts regular seminars at SCORE’s DC office. She holds an MBA from Wharton and over 20 years of professional sales and marketing experience both in the US and abroad with companies such as General Electric and DuPont. Jeanne is the founder of RoadMap Marketing. Visit her company website for free do-it-yourself ToolKits and resources that will help you get more mileage from your sales and marketing engine.

Savvy Social Marketing
Date: April 29
Time: 1:00 PM ET
Register Today

Can Social Media help your business grow or is it a waste of time and resources? Jeanne will help you drive Social Media as a deliberate piece of your marketing and sales plan. This seminar assumes familiarity (and even use) of common tools such as Twitter, FaceBook and Linked In and then dives right into several strategies for achieving profitable sales growth. Register.

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Marketing: Specialized Outreach
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How to Reach the “Hispanic” vs. “Latino” Market

One of my clients asksed me if the term “Hispanic” and “Latino” should be used interchangeably. He also asked if his company needed special marketing strategies to reach those segments of the population.

What’s the Difference between Hispanic and Latino?
Businessmen in Clock ShopHistorically, the term “Hispanic” is derived from the people of the Iberian Peninsula, including Spain and Portugal. The term “Latino” is derived from the people of Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and most nations in Central and South America where Spanish is the spoken language. This is because most of them were once colonies of Spain (except Brazil). “Hispanics” are European and respond to European culture. While Latinos also speak Spanish (except Brazilian who speak Portuguese), they have a different cultural background and therefor another cultural approach is needed.

Are Special Marketing Strategies Needed to Reach Each Segment?
As a better business practice, a company may want to consider cultural nuances between the two segments when planning their outreach efforts. Keep in mind that all “Latinos” are not the same. Because the Latino community is so diverse, there are many cultural characteristics that should be considered to gain a better understanding of this market. Only then will you be able to identify the groups within this market that you should target and effectively tailor a message that resonates with them.

Latinos are now the largest minority in the United States. To successfully reach this market, your company must cultivate employees who relate to the unique needs and preferences of this demographic.

Erika Cruz, Guest Blogger
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