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HR: Expert Advice to Motivate Your Employees

Dan Pink’s Expert Answers

Every month SCORE interviews an expert on topics related to business and entreprenuership. This month’s featured guest is Dan Pink. He discusses what really motivates you and your employees. An excerpt of his interview is below. To read the complete interview, sign-up for SCORE ExpertANSWERS and get it delivered direct to your inbox.

What are three important changes a small business owner can do to help motivate employees?

  1.  Do whatever you can to provide employees with more autonomy over their time, their team, their task and their technique.
  2. Encourage people to supplement traditional performance reviews by doing their own performance reviews, e.g., setting out monthly goals, then self-evaluating at the end.
  3. Infuse the workplace with a purpose larger than simply making the numbers or increasing earnings per share by two cents this quarter. Supplement the profit motive with the purpose motive.

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Manage: Planning Effective Business Meetings
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Tips to Reinvigorate Your Next Meeting

There is an adage in corporate America that says the average executive will spend 75% of her time in meetings. In my own experience, I have found this to be true. As the president of a marketing consulting firm with many Fortune 500 clients, I am called upon to constantly design effective meetings for them. 

Unfortunately there is no set formula on the appropriate way to design the “perfect meeting” for a Fortune 500 company. However, there are certainly key factors to keep in mind.

Set Objectives & Direct Audience Mood
The most obvious is having a clear meeting objective and being able to connect that objective to the everyday performance metrics, challenges and aspirations of your audience. One unspoken but important challenge in accomplishing your meeting’s objective is the ability to pre-assess the attendees’ likely mood.  If the anticipated mood of participants is one of resignation or “no matter what I do, nothing is really going to fix this business problem”, your job includes the challenge of shifting the group to a mood of possibility or “there may well be new solutions that will work here”. Identifying and addressing moods requires the ability to observe a company’s culture as well as individual’s interpersonal interactions – something you can develop with time and experience. Success truly begins when you can tap into the unspoken concerns of your attendees and address them directly. 

Go from Good to Great
As importantly, every company is unique. Having a solid understanding of a company’s culture, personality and capabilities are the most essential preparatory component; insomuch as they guide the organization. more…