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Planning: What’s New in Business Plans

New Must Haves for Successful Business Plans

Think there’s nothing new in business plans? Still using a dusty ole’ business plan outline or business plan software created a couple of decades ago?

Well, think again. The business world evolves, and expectations about business plans change too. Sure, you still have to describe your business, competition, market, and the like. But your plan must reflect your understanding of new realities. If you’re looking to raise money, you have to understand how funders are thinking – and analyzing business plans – now.

So what’s new right now in business plans?

As we developed the newest (fifth) edition of Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies, we looked at the key ingredients you must include in today’s business plans:

  • Social media. Potential funders expect to see how you plan to leverage the power of social networking sites – not just the biggies like Facebook and Twitter, but industry and interest-specific sites as well.
  • Going global. It’s easier, faster and cheaper to be a global entrepreneur today. How will you build a business across borders, find new markets, suppliers, partners, contractors?
  • Presentation techniques. Looking for money? Investors now typically want just a few electronic slides to quickly review before looking at your written plan. There are 12 critical slides to send them.
  • Feasibility first! Save time, money and aggravation by doing a quick feasibility analysis before you develop your complete plan (but after your initial research). This edition of Successful Business Plan: Secrets & Strategies now includes a feasibility analysis to increase your chances of success.

Rhonda Abrams, Guest Blogger
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Award: SCORE Ranks as Top Free Service

Kiplinger Magazine Ranks SCORE as a 2010 Fabulous Freebie

SCORE has been ranked among the top free services in the country by Kiplinger Magazine. Each year, the magazine compiles the country’s “Fabulous Freebies.” This year, SCORE is honored to be a part of the list.

We are flattered by this award and are committed to providing free small business advice and resources to all of America’s entrepreneurs. Did you know that every year SCORE helps almost 20,000 businesses start? Since our founding, we’ve helped over 8.5 million entrepreneurs. The next success story could be yours.

If you haven’t contacted SCORE, what are you waiting for? We have over 360 chapters nationwide and free online advice, 24 hours a day. Want more information? Find out how we’ve helped other businesses succeed, get free online advice, or find your local SCORE chapter to meet a mentor in person. Success is waiting. Get started today!

SCORE Association, SCORE
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