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Marketing: Part 1: Five Ways to Kill Your Business Blog

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Business Blogs

My first tip is simple: launch your blog. Post a couple of times. Then stop. Silence. You have a snazzy design for your blog. You link to it from every page on your site. That should be enough, right?

Wrong. The first thing most readers do when they visit a business blog is look for the date of the last post. If it’s more than a month in the past, we click quietly away.

If you don’t keep posting new content, you’re creating another stone for the business blog graveyard. In other words, it’s better not to blog at all than to create a blog and never update it.

TIP: Think of blogging as tweeting on steroids. You get more than 140 characters, but you don’t have to change the world with every post. It’s better to write short and to post more frequently. Even 100 words to 200 words (like this).

Try for once a week; at the very least post three times a month. Want to learn from the master of short blog posts? Study Seth Godin at

Debbie Weil, Guest Blogger
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Finance: Commerce and SBA Launch New Online Tool for Small Businesses to Export

Learn What Tools Are Available to You

The SBA has announced a new online site with 6 steps to to successful exporting:

Small businesses interested in exporting now have a new online tool to help them tap into the global marketplace to grow their business. Developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Small Business Administration, Six Steps to Begin Exporting,, is the latest tool in the National Export Initiative toolbox to help entrepreneurs begin exporting.

The six-step process begins with a self-assessment to help potential exporters gauge their readiness to successfully engage in international trade.  The self-assessment is followed by sections on training and counseling programs; resources to create an export business plan; information on conducting market research; assistance for finding foreign buyers; and investigating financing for your small business exports, foreign investments or other projects.

Steve Bloom - Chapter Chair & Business Mentor, SCORE Atlanta
Steve Bloom started several business ventures in mortgage banking, real estate development and management, importing and business consulting. He has invested in several startups and has been retained by owners to assist in “turning around” businesses. | @stevebloom | More from Steve


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