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Website Changes to Get More Customers and Sales
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You can boost business and increase customer satisfaction with some simple changes to your website.  By modifying key elements, you can see an increase in attention and traffic.

I regularly examine websites for how they impress me when I visit for the first time.  Websites that get my kudos for customer satisfaction offer a special touch by allowing you to easily contact them, providing their number on the website and including the location(s) of nearby stores. This makes it convenient to pick up the item after purchase.

I must admit I am one for doing as much shopping online as possible. It is so wonderful that the world of stores is at one’s finger tips with pictures of store inventory in various shades and sizes. I could shop all night without fear of having to close the store down because shopping on the web allows “all access “24/7.” I can’t wait to hear the latest on what some new store is offering or TV deals that tell you to check it out on the web.

There are many factors that go into making a website highly desirable for customers to 1) visit, 2) stick around and ultimately 3) make purchases. Trying to figure these out on your own can be a daunting task. Not only that, but trying to guess what you think works can completely miss the mark of what your customers want.

Many small businesses have found that if they go with a standard — a template — that is already working, they accomplish a lot more of their objectives to attract customers and sell products. This way you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” but rather modify and adapt from existing structures which already are working for others. You can customize and tailor your site to your own unique needs much more easily by building on top of an existing successful template.

Many services are available for this and it is wise for today’s small business to study what is available and working well. Think like your customer when you see a site and think about what would make your potential customers feel welcome and even desirous of spending money with you. Study the templates that are available and working in similar businesses to yours. Then you can better customize and tailor to your specific needs.

It is also very important to work with professional services which help businesses like yours design websites. Some think they know what to do because they’ve shopped before on the net. This would be like me thinking I can fly a plane simply because I’ve been a passenger! It is much better to let the professionals do their job and let me “enjoy the ride.”

With these tools you can choose from templates that have already worked for other businesses like yours. Think about this approach as you move your business into a “New Attitude.”  Hey, Patty Labelle might be singing about your own website with that new attitude!

Sherry JacksonLead Product Marketing Manger, AT&T
As the Lead Product Marketing Manger, Sherry is that caring, educating, problem solver for her customers — and the bottom line is better because of this. She is a regular blogger on AT&T’s Networking Exchange blog. | Facebook | @ATTSmallBiz | More from Sherry

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    For our freight shipping company I found out the best way to have your website marketed is to outsoure it to a SEO company. It will take a “tremendous amount of time to do it and to do it right.


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