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3 Reasons Why Hosted Voice Over IP is the Best Alternative for Small Business
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Small businesses need simple, productive, and cost efficient communications solutions to help run their businesses.  This can best be achieved by utilizing communications services that are “hosted” in the network and require a minimum amount of equipment at the business location.  This allows them to focus on their business, not on “business chores.”

The primary benefits of Voice Over IP (VoIP) are:

1) Great Convenience achieved – Focus is on business, not business chores

  • Don’t have to manage “boxes” (PBX or Key System)
  • All features included – not a bunch of choices – “it’s easy”
  • Remote workers/Road Warriors will have a single Voice Mail box for wireline/AT&T wireless numbers
  • Phones can be set to ring their mobile or home office if not at your desk
  • Many services are integrated into a single system – voice, internet, premises data, mobility, unified communication

2) The second benefit is the high reliability inherent in Cloud services:

  • All the service is in the network – no systems to maintain or maintenance contracts to manage
  • The network and the feature servers are monitored 7X24X365
  • Redundant systems are deployed in case there is a failure in one
  • The service is secure – disaster recovery is included via the network routing features

3) Excellent Economics:

  • Most all expenses are operational expenses
  • Obsolesce protection is included in the service
  • The service has predictable cost – the monthly rates are consistent
  • Buy Only what you need – if you need 6 users, you buy for 6 users
  • Your own web portal for changes/updates/management

The content included are my opinions based on my many years of work in the telecommunications industry and with VoIP.

Are you using a Hosted Voice IP service?  If not, would this be helpful to you?  If you are, what are the major advantages you have experienced?  We look forward to your comments.

This post was originally published on AT&T’s Networking Exchange Blog.

Ron FischerVoice over IP Lead Product Manager, AT&T
Ron has a deep background with AT&T and SBS for 33 years. He enjoys working with salespeople helping them sell, training and speaking to groups about the benefits of various solutions available.
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  1. AmeilaVisitor

    Having a good VOIP for small business makes perfect sense when a small business is trying to compete. Every thing they would be needing can be provided to meet all their needs.


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