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The right business advisor can help keep your company on track

This is the first in a series of four articles on how to manage new business development vs. day-to-day operations.

Even amid the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the American entrepreneurial spirit thrives.  Yet, with each start-up or expansion comes anxieties, when a business owner realizes that running a company brings a number of potential headaches.  How do I know I am hiring the right people?  Can I keep up with payroll?  Am I offering the best benefits?   And, most importantly:  How do I make sure my attention remains trained on growing revenue and providing services?

Many small businesses find the key to avoiding mistakes is to have expert support in place and turn to the right advisors on the ins and outs of running a business, from payroll taxes to setting up office-technology networks.  Building a relationship with a company that excels in workforce optimization and business performance solutions ensures that a business owner has a comprehensive approach to human resources (HR) and productivity issues and gains more time to focus on the critical bottom line.

Here are five ways an experienced business performance advisor can help a company prosper and relieve some of the administrative worries of running a company.

  • Benefits management. A business can go head-to-head with competitors and attract and retain top talent by offering an array of important employee benefits, from medical and prescription insurance and life insurance to retirement savings plans and educational reimbursement.  A sophisticated benefits program is within reach by aligning with a company that offers the buying power to provide such HR services. An HR and business performance solutions company also will take over the administrative aspects of benefits plans, freeing up valuable time for managers.
  • Recruitment support. After creating a great business, it is time to make sure the top talent in your field knows about the company’s job openings through strategic recruitment efforts.  Then, when the resumes begin arriving, training and assistance throughout the interview and hiring process will prepare the company to recognize the real talent from the pretenders.
  • Performance management. One of the biggest reasons good employees move on is a lack of feedback from management.  Do not be tempted to skim over employee needs because of other priorities; however, that does not mean taking your eye off the business-development ball. A business performance advisor can help put systems in place to monitor employee development; establish competitive compensation, incentive and recognition programs; and foster a climate that encourages optimal performance and productivity. Ignoring these critical aspects of staff management could result in lost productivity or costly turnovers.
  • Technology services.  Computerization and the Internet have become vital parts of virtually all industries. Yet, few small companies can keep pace on their own with both the benefits and the threats these technologies bring. Having the right support and software will keep crucial systems operating properly and important business data protected.
  • Organizational planning. Growth can create confusion about a company’s reporting structure.  An organizational software program can provide clarity as well as pertinent workforce metrics and statistics.  Understanding a business’ organization can help managers and employees plan for the future while keeping the company poised for success.

For a company to run smoothly and grow at a profitable pace, especially in this economy, smart business owners need to focus on what matters most – their core business. The help of trusted and capable advisors for solid workforce and business performance solutions can provide relief and insight, and even help position a company for success and future growth.

Next week: How to take the “work” out of paperwork.

Janet FlewellingManaging Director of Service Operation, Insperity
Insperity, a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses for more than 28 years, provides an array of human resources and business solutions designed to help improve business performance.Insperity business performance solutions support more than 100,000 businesses with over 2 million employees. | Facebook | @insperity | More from Janet

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  1. CarlosVisitor


    I am a semi-retired former franchise executive with over 30 years of privilege in touching the lives of small business owners and franchisees in their small business operations. As I read through your blogs I can clearly see that your sights are very much on the right track.

    You are so correct when you state “after creating a great business”. Understanding the fact that the ultimate goal is to supply the customer with an exceptional experience, and that this exceptional experience is 95% of the time delivered by the associates (or employees), and that this exceptional experience must be delivered time and time again without fail, it is clear that if the owner has not created a great business, transmitting information to the associates may be a challenge. Whether three or a hundred associates, it must all start with a Vision, a Mission Statement, a set of Values, and a solid operating system.

    In semi-retirement we (my spouse and I) have created a site dedicated to helping business owners understand that their business is separate from their personal lives, and that their business is not a job, but its own entity. By applying a different approach – that is operating the business through powerful, educated, knowledgeable and fanatical associates, we have been able to make significant improvements to businesses that were faltering – because the owners could not “see the business” for what it was.

    Sounds like I am promoting our website, right? I am not. Just a comment to let you know that your thought process as reflected in your blogs is right on track for what I have found is what makes the difference between average and exceptional. Only wish that more small business owners could understand that before having to cease operations because they were focused on the wrong things.

    If you have a few minutes please visit us at

    Would love to hear your comments!


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