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Using the Right Content to Expand on Word of Mouth in Social Media: Part 4 of 4

Using Social Media “The Right Way” To Promote Content for ROI

The best value of social media is that it is truly social. Social media allows you the opportunity to engage and interact with potential customers and new customers by adding a sense of comfort and familiarity to your grand image.

When engaging in social media, personally welcome and acknowledge your new connections.  Few people do this and just click “add” and it only takes a few seconds to personally welcome your new friends. This will help develop relationships and make you stand apart from others who are just collecting connections.

See the Top 20 Most Engaging Facebook Pages posted on February 6, 2012 according to Facebook and under the Business Category see below for the Top 8 Business Pages. Here are just two of the eight listed below and we could all learn from reviewing their pages and seeing how they engage their followers.

You, too, can build a popular Facebook or other social media channel page by building relationships so that when you have some content to promote, you will have an audience of readers who will be ready to listen.

Now that you are truly engaged with your audience of followers, how do you monitor your existing content assets and examine your referring traffic?

I personally use an excel spreadsheet for every blog I have written and every article publishing site the blogs have been posted over the past several years. This is a quick way to keep up with all your blog writing and published articled.

What about using Google Analytics to measure how much traffic is being referred to your website through your various social channels? Google Analytics gives you great cross channels of information.  Under the traffic sources tab, you can click on Referring Sites and type in your social network of choice and see how much traffic is being referred to you.  Set up goals based on the actions you want your visitors to complete. It also has a built in Twitter link shortener.

Review the Relevance and Quality of Your Content

For every piece of content you create, monitor unique page views, total pages viewed and the time on page for each visitor. If you see your unique page views go up, this is an indication that your reach is growing.  Increased time on a page shows that your content is interesting to the visitor and increased total page views means your visitors want to learn more by clicking on other pages around your site.

You can easily track those three mentions with Google Analytics by clicking on the Content tab and choosing Overview. This gives you a snapshot of your popular pieces of content along with detailed metrics. This will determine if your content is resonating with your target audience.

To determine your total number of conversations, you can use this free tool Social Mention  for calculating your share of Voice = Your Mentions / Total Mentions for Competitive Companies/Brands.

Sprout Social is a great social CRM tool to aggregate your activity into one easy-to-view dashboard to quickly see whether your content strategy is moving in the right direction. This tool offers a good view of your basic metrics, including engagement and total size and goes a step further with recommendations for influencers to focus on.

Measuring your sentiment analysis should be done manually.  Go through your mentions and tag them as positive, neutral or negative and add up the totals and measure them over time. Are the good mentions growing and the negative mentions decreasing?

Then build a simple dashboard manually or use one of the social CRM tools that make it easy to track and update your metrics on a weekly or monthly basis. You can monitor trends and set your goals for growth based on what is working and what is not.

If your metrics are not moving in the right directions or seem to be stalled, try mixing up your content and messages and experiment with different posting times and frequency.

DJ HeckesCEO & Author
DJ is CEO of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts and Full BRAIN Marketing and focuses on educating and training companies to significantly improve their small business marketing strategies. She also presents customized training programs for business marketing, social media, leadership and trade show marketing. | Facebook | @DJHeckes | More from DJ

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  1. JimVisitor

    According to Facebook today, Airborne has 127,000 followers 90 of whom are talking about it. Innumerable sites have 5-8% of their followers talking about them. How could Airborne possibly be one of the most engaging sites?

    BTW, your link doesn’t go to the list of business pages on Facebook.

    Also I was interested in your recommendation of SPROUT Social. I thought SCORE did not endorse specific businesses.

    • DJ HeckesVisitor

      Right now it has changed to the Olympics. When you have a Business to Consumer Facebook page, it is much easier to engage users and things change by the day and by the week. This was the information written in June for July blogs. Airborne had been running a campaign to get users involved and like their page. Now they have moved down past 100 top pages.


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