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4 Surprising Facts About Social Media For Small Businesses

1. 40% Say They “Like” A Business’s Facebook to Get Promotions and Discounts

According to this RocketMedia infographic, a majority of a business’ Facebook fans were originally attracted to hitting the “Like” button because they thought doing so would get them special deals or promotions. Feel free to update your feed with interesting articles on your Facebook page to engage a customer, that’s all well and good, but if you really want to incentivize new people to “Like” you and want to keep your current community’s attention perked; post a link or a code to a freebie, coupon or promotion at least once a month.


2. Launch Your Social Media Campaigns on Tuesdays; Never on Fridays

YesMail, an email marketing services provider ran a three-month study to research the success of social media campaigns for more than twenty top retail brands. Their findings: Although most campaigns are deployed on Fridays, the amount of actual social media engagement peaked the most on Tuesdays (engagement fares the worst on Fridays). Although the study wasn’t conclusive on why this is so, you could use common sense to deduce that most people are more-or-less gearing up for “weekend” mode on Fridays and they’re probably spending more time on confirming dinner plans than on a shop’s website.


3. Blog Posts That Are 450 Words Long Have A Higher Chance of Being “Shared”

Share Percentage Graph

Statistic & Image Courtesy of Dan Zarella of HubSpot

Three to five paragraphs seems to be the “sweet-spot” length for blog posts that get shared more often than their shorter or longer counterparts. This makes sense seeing that bite-sized content that can be summed up in less than a paragraph should probably be boiled down to a tweet that “packs a punch” and anything longer than five paragraphs will have attention spans wandering. Turn that lengthy blog post into a whitepaper instead.


4. Facebook Content Posted on Wednesdays at 3PM Have the Highest Click-Throughs

Best Times to Post for Click-throughs

Statistics & Image by bitly and RakaCreative

When posting Facebook updates, aim for the middle – middle of the week and middle of the workday, that is. Much of social media exposure depends on the likelihood that eyeballs will be in front of computer screens. What’s the best time to catch people on Twitter and on Facebook? After lunchtime, when people are back at their offices of course! Take advantage of that opportunity by posting primarily in this time slot. As for Twitter, the time to tweet for the best exposure is on Mondays-Thursdays between 1pm-3pm.

Bryan JaneczkoFounder, Wicked Start
Bryan has successfully launched multiple startups. His latest venture, Wicked Start, provides tools to plan, fund, and launch a new business. Also author of WickedStart: Guide to Starting a New Venture with Passion and Purpose, Bryan is committed to helping small businesses grow and succeed. | Facebook | @WickedStart | LinkedIn | More from Bryan

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  1. fikercelVisitor

    Thanks for provide the information regarding Social Media For Small Businesses, we looking on Internet how we do social media for small business. Thanks for sharing.

  2. JoshVisitor

    Awesome. I would like a follow up on this about international markets. Are the sweet spots the same in Europe and Asia?

  3. St. Louis SEOVisitor

    Nice infographic! Thanks for sharing. I try to keep my blog posts above 400 words and that seems to be pretty effective.

  4. Tuesday – more than 450 words on the blog posts for the best sharing – and Wednesday posts at 3pm on Facebook. Interesting…

    I totally agree – Daniel. Small biz need an easy solution to sell their local services online – and to convert their social media posts and online interactions – into sales.

    Bizdrive is for small businesses that sell services – what ebay and amazon are for businesses that sell products. is a super seamless e-commerce and marketing site for small biz who sell local services. $11.11 a month and a deal fee for a turnkey solution that connects sellers to their customers for collaboration and their network for referrals and lead generation.

  5. Brad SmithVisitor

    Saying that Wednesdays at 3pm is the best time to post is confusing. For instance, most small business pages reach all over the three time zones of the USA. Should we post at 1pm EST or PST for best results?

    Then I have a Facebook business page that has international reach. How can I best use this study result when I know my page is read in 23 countries?

    • Bryan JaneczkoVisitor

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for asking this really important question. This might help: here’s another enlightening statistic also coming from Dan Zarella…”Nearly 80% of the general US population is in the Central and Eastern time zone.” also, the highest number of click throughs are with tweets that occur between noon and 6PM EST time and this is irrespective of what time zone these Twitter users are in. So stick to posting between that time frame and don’t worry too much about your reach to every timezone.

      As for international reach, do you plan on tweeting/posting around the clock? For a Facebook page where your posts sits on your wall, content is more important than timing.

  6. Daniel SosaVisitor

    I still believe this is not solving the main problem. Ultimately social media is an extension to the small business’s web presence. We need to focus on first giving small businesses access to advanced web tools (Cloud administrative tools and modern web presence.) Not only so they can be found, but they can properly interact with the modern consumer. Services one day need to be as simple as Amazon has made products. Personal calendars need to be synced with Cloud based online calendars, Ecommerce needs to be accessible for pre and post offering business structures, etc. How do we seamlessly make this happen at a very very lost cost to small businesses owners, and easy to use with no web technology?

    • Bryan JaneczkoVisitor

      Hi Daniel,

      Good insight! I definitely agree that small businesses would do well to use cloud based technologies – doing so would increase their efficiency and productivity. There’s actually many free tools that my own team uses such as Google Docs, DropBox, Basecamp etc.

      But I disagree if you mean to say that we have to choose between social media or using these awesome online tools. Social media, I believe solves another problem. I think of tools like Google Docs as part of my every day infrastructure that helps my team operate smoothly and quickly. But I use Twitter and Facebook to connect to my users, potential customers, experts in my field etc. I think that social media is much more of an extension of my web presence. For some businesses, it can be their only form of web presence and that my work just fine.

      All I’m saying is that a local bakery may not need to use something like Salesforce CRM (a great cloud based tool) but they may very well NEED to have a twitter page to promote themselves in their neighborhood…*NEED being that it would be detrimental to their bakery if they don’t tweet…


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