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Technology: Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business

Align Your Website with Your Business Goals

Is your small business thinking of developing a website?  Or could your small business’ website use some revamping?  The first step to building the perfect website for your small business is identifying your business’ goals to determine what your website needs to do to help achieve those goals.

What does your small business do?
Take a moment to think about the goals of your small business.  What does your business do?  Does your small business sell a product?  Do you own a restaurant?  Does your business provide consulting services?  Each of these types of small businesses will have different goals and will need to have different features on their websites to help achieve those goals.

Small businesses that sell a product
The business that sells a product should have a website that encourages sales.  To encourage sales, a website should first communicate about the product in a way that will promote the website visitors’ interest and desire for the product.  The website communication can include enticing descriptions of the product, photos of the product and positive testimonials from customers who have used the product.  Apart from communicating about the product, a sales-oriented website should always include a call to action on every page, such as “Buy Now” or “Get a free quote now” and an easy way for visitors to purchase the product or obtain a quote, such as an easy-to-use e-shopping cart or an instant chat feature.

Restaurant owners
The restaurant owner needs a website that drives customers to visit the restaurant.  A restaurant website should always include the restaurant’s address and a map to the restaurant.  An online reservation making feature strategically placed next to photos and mouth-watering descriptions of its signature dishes would be another website component to drive customers to the restaurant.  The restaurant website could also offer promotional coupons to encourage visitors to come on slow days.  Another feature the restaurant website should consider is social media links and the ability to recommend each of its webpages with a “Like” button for Facebook or other social media recommendation features.

Consulting businesses
The consulting business needs a website that establishes the business’ expertise, describes the types of services offered and ultimately encourages the site visitor to schedule an appointment or contact the business for more information.  This type of site should focus on the quality of its content.  The content should feature descriptions of the business’ services written to highlight its expertise and entice site visitor to take the next step.  Hosting a blog about the business’ industry and/or featuring informative industry-related articles are two other content related website components that can establish a business’ expertise.  This type of site should always include calls to action, such as “call now to get a quote” or “request a free estimate.”  Make sure that if your call to action is “call now to get a quote” your site lists a working number.  If your call to action is “request a free estimate” make sure that it is linked to an appropriate tool such as email or a form that will be forwarded to you.

Free Resource for Small Business Owners
To find out more about aligning your website with your business’ goals and the next steps to take to build the perfect website for your small business, take a free online “Tech Made Simple” workshop available at  The online workshop “Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business” was designed for business owners who are displeased with the performance of their websites and those without a presence on the web.

The “Tech Made Simple” series of workshops is part of the e-Business Now program at , which was designed for small business owners seeking to refine their use of technology to become profitable.

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  1. MJ ShockleyVisitor

    Looking for information for minority women owned business grants available to help build a website in the state of Texas.

  2. JerryVisitor

    Many small business websites need to do a better job of offering something of value in order to get the visitor’s contact info. Giving plenty of good content is a great way to build trust and credibility and more likely to try your products or services.


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