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Are You Looking to Create or Improve Your Small Business’ Web Presence?

e-Business Now Can Help

Does your small business have a website? Does your website add value to your small business, draw customers and get them to make a purchase or engage your services? If you did not answer with a resounding YES!, you are just like many other small business owners who may not be getting the results they want from their websites.

There is an e-Business Now workshop designed for small business owners just like you and it’s free. The e-Business Now program is the result of partnerships between SCORE, FCC, SBA, ATT, Best Buy, Cisco Systems, Constant Contact, Google, HP, Intuit, Microsoft, Skype and Time Warner Cable Business Class. The e-Business Now program consists of a series of free “Tech Made Simple” workshops and other free tools for small business owners, all of which can be viewed at

To craft “Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business” and the accompanying “How-To” guides, SCORE accessed and reviewed each of its e-Business Now partners’ vast technology resources. The workshop presents clear and easy-to-understand information about website content, website do’s and don’ts, how to build it yourself, how to hire a professional, cyber security, domain names, web hosting services, website functions, e-commerce applications, and many other related topics.

You can attend this workshop live at a SCORE chapter near you or view it online and on-demand at After attending the workshop, you may wish to schedule a mentoring session with one of SCORE’s technology mentors to discuss your specific website challenges and obtain guidance and advice on the best-suited technology tools for your small business. Or you may be ready to jump in feet first and build the perfect website for your small business based on the technology information and tips presented in the workshop. Either way, you will be taking a major step toward creating the web presence that is right for your small business.

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