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Planning: Four Questions That Business Owners Should Be Asking Themselves

What would happen to you, your family and your business if you became disabled and couldn’t work?

Your business is your livelihood. You rely on it to generate income and provide the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Consider that a 45-year-old business owner who is paying herself $100,000 per year would need to withdraw $2 million from the business over the next 20 years. Could the business afford to make those payments if the owner were hurt or became ill and could not work for an extended period of time? Most closely held businesses depend heavily on the owner’s expertise, personality and connections. Without them, sales may decline and the company may not be able to continue paying the owner’s salary or worse yet, close up shop. Disability income insurance, which replaces a portion of your salary in the event of illness or injury, may help make up some of the difference. This form of protection is individual and for the business owner’s and her family’s benefit; it does not address the potential harm that a business owner’s absence can cause to the profitability of the business. Additionally, Business Overhead Expense insurance is designed to reimburse the business owner for expenses in the event that she is disabled and cannot pay them because of a decrease in income due to disability. This protection can help ensure the business continues operating should you become disabled.


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