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Marketing: The Powerful Match: Social Media and Online Content
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Perfect Your Online Message

If you are tuned in to social media, you are smarter than most people looking to market online. You don’t have to be an Albert Einstein to learn how to effectively create marketing content in social media space. It’s about developing a systematic and simple way to give you a good grasp of the power of effective online marketing.

Creating stellar content for your marketing strategy is great, but it doesn’t distribute itself. You need vehicles for people to pass your content along, converse over its controversies, discuss its merits, tweet it, blog it, delicious bookmark it, mash it, or even Digg it. All of this is where social media comes to play.

Develop an Online Position
Looking to find more customers? Become someone that is worth doing business with.

It is about developing authority and not about being a guru. Your audience wants a smart, cool friend that understands how stuff works. They want someone that leads by example and shares experiences. They want a trustworthy person whose words mean something to them.

When in doubt about your content, remember Paul Newman’s axiom – “Always take your work seriously; never take yourself seriously.” You can do this by showing that you truly know your stuff, but this doesn’t mean that your readers want a lecture.

Be Smart; Sell Smart.
Successful salespeople know that a customer needs to know, like and trust you before they will buy. This is why content marketing is so effective. Developing great content buys you time to build a trusting relationship. Be sure to use this time wisely.

Build a content net that supports a sale and many sales long after. Use content to address underlying objections that may keep someone from buying a particular product or service. Use your content to tell an interesting story about how others have benefitted from the offer. Use proven persuasion techniques to show your readers how much they need your product or service.

Keep the balance right. Use your content to build desire for your product or service and to create a strong relationship with your audience – then ask for the sale.

DJ HeckesCEO & Author
DJ is CEO of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts and Full BRAIN Marketing and focuses on educating and training companies to significantly improve their small business marketing strategies. She also presents customized training programs for business marketing, social media, leadership and trade show marketing. | Facebook | @DJHeckes | More from DJ

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