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Marketing: Develop a Social Media Content Strategy with Metrics
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Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Effectiveness

You cannot have a social media strategy without a content strategy. Here are three important elements to develop an effective content strategy.

• Know what your audience, community or customers want to talk about and be willing to engage in those conversations. (Set up some keyword alerts to notify you what is being said in your industry or area of expertise and “listen.”)

• Know where your audience wants to have these conversations and where they hang out online. (i.e., LinkedIn group discussions, twitter discussions, blog comments, YouTube traffic comments.)

• Measure the results of your conversations. (What is being said, how much traffic is being created by the conversations, what actions are being taken, etc.)

Developing an overall content strategy often starts with a keyword analysis. This will help you uncover the key words or language that your audience or community uses while on the social web.

A keyword analysis begins with developing a list of words or key phrases you believe your audience is using to find similar products or services online. Some popular keyword analysis tools include:

WordTracker or Keyword Discovery. These are two poplar paid tools.
Google AdWords. This is a free tool that uses Google AdWords data to determine what phrases are popular. To get started, sign up and create your own account login for metrics.

A keyword analysis and some social media demographics are just the beginning. Now you need to measure the results of your conversations to see if you are making headway. Keep things simple in the beginning.

• Track the number of comments and “Likes” your Facebook post gets.

• Track monthly how many followers, mentions or retweets you or your brand get;

• Measure how many comments your blog posts get and how much traffic they receive;

• Measure social media referral traffic to your website. (i.e., how much traffic is sent from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?)

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DJ is CEO of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts and Full BRAIN Marketing and focuses on educating and training companies to significantly improve their small business marketing strategies. She also presents customized training programs for business marketing, social media, leadership and trade show marketing. | Facebook | @DJHeckes | More from DJ

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