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Technology: Photosynth: Capture the Ambiance

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Where are the synths? Not the Siths who are in conflict with the Jedis, but the synths…the photosynths?
These digital 360-degree panoramic photos provide an incredible opportunity to communicate ambiance over the web, something that realtors have been trying to do with digital home tours set to music. Small businesses—especially one-of-a-kind ventures that do not have the benefit of national branding that guarantees the same experience in Seattle as it does Boston—could benefit from a visual online enticement., developed by Microsoft engineers, allows users to digitally stitch photos together in a way that changes the experience of taking and experiencing photographs. For business owners, the experience makes a difference. The photo becomes more than a visual image, but a way to capture ambiance.

To experience the power of a synth, examine CNN’s “The Moment,” a rendering of President Obama’s inauguration. Approximately 600 digital images were used, and regardless of your politics, the 360-degree view of the inauguration is overwhelming. Most work plays on a smaller stage than an inauguration; therefore, many, many fewer digital photos (only 15-30) are needed to create a synth.

Who Should Use Photosynth?
• Realtors
• Bed & Breakfasts
• Interior designers
• Restaurants or night clubs
• Artists, architects, and product designers who want to photograph 3-D objects.

How does it work?
You take pictures that overlap and then upload them to A small application downloads onto your computer. Photosynth offers two great photography guides.

It’s so easy that even a ca—I mean, even I can do it.

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  1. annieVisitor

    hey its interesting . in a very nice manner you described each and every thing . by your blog it is easy to use. thanks for sharing this kind of blog with us , all the points u taken clears all the doubts, thanks for this information.

  2. LouiseVisitor

    Ms. Diaz,

    Thank you for this post. My husband are building our dream business — a bed and breakfast — and are in the process of designing our marketing plan. We’d like to show off our beautiful rooms as well as the view on our property. This will be a great addition to our future web site.

    Louise Merrill


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