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Marketing: Is Your Business Card Working For You?

5 Questions to Ask

Business cards provide the link between you and your organization. In Japan, business cards are so important that people accept them with two hands and read them while you wait. In the United States, we use them for everything from bookmarks to scribbling notes.

The truth is that business cards are a cheap form of advertising that link customers to companies. How is your business card doing as a link between your customer and your company?

1. Are your name, address, and phone number correct?
Does the name on your card match the one you use? Your address is correct if you do not have to cross-out, add information, or clarify the address. If you find yourself writing an additional phone number on your card or saying, “It’s easier to reach me at this number,” then change your card to reflect that.

2. Is the name of the company correct?
While question may seem silly, some people start out with a joint venture name or partnership name and then create a company. Or, some people have more than one company, and sometimes, they use one card for both entities. If you have two entities, get two cards or use one side for one company and the other side for the other company.

3. Is the logo current and colors up to date?
It may seem wasteful to toss out extra business cards when you switch your logo, but go ahead and recycle the old cards and bring in the new. Think of each card as a tiny piece of advertising.

4. Is your website listed and your email address provided?
Your email address needs to be the one you check regularly. If you have a website, list it on the card.

5. Does your card do double-duty by providing important information?
Make your card pull double duty. If you own a store, print the hours on the back. If you have a 24-hour answering service, make the number stand out. Use one side of the card as a coupon or frequent visitor card. Give a reason for people to keep up with the card.

How did you do? And what should you change? Make the card do as much work for you as possible.

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  1. Rob PeoniVisitor

    Great post. This is an excellent checklist that I will be sure to use on a regular basis. I have been seeing more and more QR Codes appearing on business cards lately. It seems like an effective call to action in moving a contact from the card to your website or email address. Do you think these are effective? Would you suggest using them? Thanks!

  2. Jeri VespoliVisitor

    Great tips. A couple more:

    If you often find yourself wishing you had brochures with you, try a mini-brochure or bifold business card (a brochure and card in one that is the same size as a business card)

    Remember to keep your contact information visible and on the the same side (suggest no smaller than a 9 pt font). Think about how it will read to a business card scanner or smart phone (or those of us caught without our reading glasses).

  3. sabina ptacinVisitor

    You left out SOCIAL MEDIA Handles! What’s your Twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn perhaps…

  4. Sandra O'NeilVisitor

    I love the idea of getting cards to do double-duty. I own a cupcake shop and we’ve juggled both business cards and frequent guest cards since we opened over a year ago. Next time we print, we’ll keep it simple! Thank you for such a great suggestion!


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