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Growing: Part Two: Business Apps Galore

More Application Trends For Your Connivence

In part one, I discussed a financial app and a document management app to help you on-the-go for your business. This time I’ll mention a few apps that aid in video conferencing and controlling your office computer remotely. If you are frequently out of the office, these apps not only help you with still having that face-to-face time, but help you organize your calendar just like you were sitting at your desk.

Free Talk:
Fring is a standalone app incorporating your smartphone’s internet connection to allow free calls as well as free video chat. While the iPhone, as well as multiple Android handsets, already allow video calling, they either require a steady WiFi connection or handset to handset compliance, making the service obsolete to any users using different phones or people on the go.

With Fring (free to Android, Apple, and Nokia users), one account can be used to manage multiple chat setups, from Google Talk to AIM. If your wireless account has a set amount of megabytes allowed, then you may want to rethink your options.

However, if you are on an unlimited internet plan like most smartphone users, then both voice over IP as well as video communication can be free as long as they are placed from your Fring app. And at no cost to you, Fring can make paying for domestic charges a thing of the past, and video conferencing with colleagues a staple of your future.

At your Remote:
Mobile Mouse Pro, formerly Air Mouse, is a phone to PC remote by RPA Technology. Currently, the app only supports the iPhone, though multiple options are available for other smartphone markets, such as the free Gmote app for Android devices. Mobile Mouse also has a free version with fewer features.

Both Mobile Mouse Pro and Gmote require you to download a java WiFi capable program to your computer in order to connect with your phone. Once the download is installed however, an app and a WiFi connection are all that stands between controlling your computer from a distance, which can be helpful for both presentations as well as obsessive multi-taskers.

In addition, both Gmote and Mobile Mouse Pro have full keyboard support, allowing users who don’t mind typing on cramped smartphones the option to fill out forms from across the room.

While Smartphone apps range from the expensive to the free – making sure that a program can do exactly what you need it to before pulling the proverbial trigger will help to save time and in most cases, money. Read the reviews from both experts as well as users like yourself in order to make the best decision for your needs.

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